Quick Tutorial

  1. Install Raspberry Pi OS on your SDCARD, for this project we will need the lite version. (https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspberry-pi-os/)

  2. Enable SSH to connect to your Raspberry PI (https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/remote-access/ssh/README.md)

  3. Before installing any package its always good to update the list of packages :

    sudo apt update

  4. After updating package list we can use the following command to install VLC :

    sudo apt install vlc -y

  5. Next comes the web interface for this we need to install Apache + PHP. To install the a web server in this case Apache2, we can use the following command :

    sudo apt install apache2 -y

  6. Once Apache2 is installed we need to install PHP for the website logic :

    sudo apt install php libapache2-mod-php -y

  7. Create a folder called ‘songs’ in /home/pi/, where we will store the songs.


    mkdir songs

  8. Create a folder called songs in /home/pi/.  Songs should be stored in : /home/pi/songs/

  9. Download all the files from https://github.com/hcgonzalezpr/PIzeroKaraoke

  10. Copy cvlc.service to /etc/systemd/system/ and enable it by issuing sudo systemctl enable cvlc

  11. To improve performance on RP1/Raspberry Pi Zero, we need to set the scren resolution to the native size of CDG files 288x192. For this we need to edit the Raspberrypi config.txt file and uncoment the frabebuffer_width and framebuffer_height. In the example below NANO editor was used. To save the file once the modification is made you can save by presing CTRL+X.

    sudo nano /boot/config.txt

  12. Reboot and browse to your Raspberry IP from your pc or cellphone, if you have songs in the folder they should up and play when selected.