Welcome to my personal blog.


  • Moved blog to Jekyll!

    Decided to give something else a try and moved the blog over to jekyll, a simple, blog-aware, static site generator. No database, no php.

  • How to install PIzeroKaraoke

  • Ouvis veezon VZ1 Hacking ( and clones alike )

    When I first bought this camera, I read the reviews from all the people that complained their camara got hack because they left the default (no pass) password, and someone took control over their cam. Been a bit savvy and having a “decent” firewall (Fortigate) at home, the first thing I did when connecting the camera to my home is to look at all the active connections the device was trying to make. Lets look into it.

  • How to put the Motorola NVG589 in pseudo 'bridge mode' and forward IPv4 + IPv6 to your router.

    I recently got ATT U-verse service and I rapidly notice it started giving me all sorts of issues, like blank screen, slow loading, etc. So I started checking for possible issues ping was ok, there were not packet loss, it turns out the issue is forced ATT DNS timing out, causing all the trouble.

  • LG 32LD450 Source Code

    I sent LG Support team and email and got a response.

  • LG 32LD450 USB Hack

    I read about some usb hacks at @OpenLGTV Wiki, and decided to hack my USA LG 32LD450.

  • New at this

    Hi im new at this im still working on the site and the topics…for now this is my sandbox.

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